What’s so bad about getting a bit of help with your assignments when you’re under pressure?

Essay mills and other contract cheating services promise to help by doing your coursework for a low fee. They offer to write assignments, essays and even theses for third level students. And they’re very good at targeting students they think might be struggling.

But if you’re caught, you can have your marks downgraded, lose your place on your course, or even have your degree revoked.

You’ll also leave yourself open to blackmail at any time, even years from now.

If you are approached by an essay mill or other contract cheating service, make sure you report it to Quality and Qualifications Ireland below, because it’s now an offence to help someone cheat in their exams and assignments.

Don’t be tempted by short cuts to academic success. If you’re feeling under pressure, talk to the people who really care about you and your college career.

Discover all your options below to make it all #myownwork.

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